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Taste & See Zimbabwean Food Reimagined

Join us for a vibrant daytime celebration as we unveil the Sadza Cooker, transforming traditional Zimbabwean cuisine for the modern era. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our heritage, expertly crafted for the contemporary palate.

The Host

Cooking with Caz Sadza Cooker by Caroline Gundu

Caroline "Caz" Gundu

Caroline Gundu, better known as Caz, is an award-winning Zimbabwean-born and British-raised multifaceted businesswoman, consultant and a self-published author of the recipe book “Zimbabwean Food Reimagined”. She is the founder of “Cooking With Caz (CWC)”, a UK based Zimbabwean food brand, catering business and online platform where she showcases her creative recipes and hosts unique dining experiences as seen on BBC 1 Sunday Morning Live. Cooking with Caz as a business dedicated to promoting innovation and Zimbabwean culinary heritage globally with reach to the Zimbabwean Diaspora in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Caz is the innovator behind the Sadza Cooker, an 8 in 1 multi- cooker with a Sadza cooking function. During this event Caz will share her journey with the Sadza Cooker and how her faith played an instrumental role to its development.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rebecca Chisamba

Dr Rebecca Chisamba is a multi-award winning business woman, talkshow host and philanthropist with a passion for Zimbabwean culture and empowering the youth and women. Highly regarded and a national treasure - she is best known for her talkshow Mai Chisamba Show. Her mandate is to promote Zimbabwean languages and culture and to uphold its progressive cultural values. Dr. Rebecca Chisamba has advocated for innovation rooted in tradition. She envisioned a domestic appliance that could honour Zimbabwe's culinary legacy while embracing technological advancements. Her call to Zimbabwean youth to think innovatively has paved the way for the creation of the Sadza Cooker and launching it in Zimbabwe. Endorsing the CWC Sadza Cooker, Dr. Chisamba serves as the esteemed guest of honour and keynote speaker at the upcoming launch event. Her presence symbolizes the fusion of tradition and innovation, highlighting the profound significance of technological advancements in preserving our cultural heritage.

Date: Friday 22 December
Time: 2pm – 6pm

Dress code: Tropical Glam

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